#DiscoverDubai16 Part 2

After the excitement of day one we were looking forward to what day two would bring for us, and we were up bright and early to travel to the Emirates Aviation Training Centre – the hub for Emirates staff worldwide. All employees train there to learn about the Emirates fleet and each and every task they might be required to undertake. We were given a show round of everything from the pool that crew practice ‘ditching’ the plane in to, to uniform fittings, to the duty free lounge. Personally I have wanted to be an air hostess for as long as I can remember, and I’m talking specifically Virgin or Emirates – none of this EasyJet Orange (no offence). So for me it was amazing - however as a group we were taken there as Emirates own a lot of property in Dubai, and Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum owns Emirates – so the welcome to the centre was an extension of the city's hospitality.

#DiscoverDubai16 Part 1

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a Study Mission by Visit Dubai, part of the DTCM for what surely is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The idea of a Study Mission (or FAM trip) is to bring a group of decision makers from various companies to a destination to show them the available event spaces, hotel and dining options, team building activities etc. By doing this the organisers educate the group on their 'product' and hopefully encourage them to hold events there, bringing in business and inbound tourism for the destination.

Flashback Friday: NYFW s/s16 Street Style

I'm about to live NYFW f/w16 vicariously through Instagram, Twitter and random blogs. So it seemed appropriate to remember some of the best (aka my favourite) street style looks from last season's NYFW, just in time to find dupe items in the shops now. Zara I'm looking at you..

Ps -  all pictures from Pop Sugar
Pps - I *need* Leandra Medine's wardrobe

Year One - A Reflection

Disclaimer: I tried my hardest for this not to come across as a braggy post and I hope it doesn't. If it does in anyway that wasn't the intention!

It's almost coming up to a year since I started my current job and honestly it has been the biggest whirlwind. I also made the move from Watford to Shoreditch in September and for the past six months I have been adjusting to London life and experiencing as much of the Events Industry as I can.

10 things you know to be true if you work in the Events Industry

1. People think your job is always amazingly glam, but you just can't get them to understand the difference between being AT an event, and going to an event as a guest.
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