BodyShop Beautifying Oil

I had seen this oil featured in Glamour Mag and on numerous blogs, so I thought I would give it a try. I ended up getting Mango as I already have the Body Butter in that flavour and love it! Luckily I managed to get it during an online sale with some Cranberry Room Spritz and White Musk Sun Glow for around £15 in total - but I think I must have deleted my confirmation email as I can't find how much the Beautifying Oil was with the discount (full price it is £9).

I think the first thing to point out with the oil is that it is quite a small bottle (100ml) for the price, but you really do only need a tiny bit and it goes a long way - I've had it three weeks and still have a lot left, so guess it will last ages. So far I have used it on my hair, body after showering, and on my cuticles when I've done my nails. The smell is amazing, and long-lasting on the skin, reminds me of being on holiday or just chilling in the sun. One of the ingredients in Kukui nut oil which is known to soften the skin without being too greasy, I've never had exceptionally dry skin but have noticed that my arms felt as if they were freshly moisturised all day after use. On applying I would suggest letting the oil dry for a few minutes before dressing, but after that the skin doesn't feel greasy at all.

It has also been amazing for my cuticles, I always have really dry skin around my nails but this oil seemed to moisturise and keep them nourished for a good few hours after applying it. And after a couple of weeks of use I can also see the amount of dry skin lessening which is amazing - nothing ruins a manicure more than awful cuticles! 

The only negative I have found so far is that when I've used it as hair oil I can't really smell Mango past a few hours - but obviously if you use other hair products to style your hair like I do, it could just be that they are masking the scent. Another of the ingredients in this product is Marula Oil, which is said to be even better than Argan Oil (is this even possible?!). I already have some Argan Oil I picked up in Morocco earlier this year, and have been using it on my hair around three times a month - and as of yet I can't say that the Body Shop Oil is beating it at nourishing the ends of my curly mane, but that could just be because the Marula is mixed with other ingredients in this product. That's not to say that this Mango Oil isn't good for your hair though, it still makes my hair appear less frizzy and gives it extra shine. 

All in all I would definitely recommend this Mango Beautifying Oil, and bank balance allowing, I would love to try the other versions too. How do you use your Beautifying Oil?

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