Here goes my first post..

Yesterday two friends and I went along to the Olympic Park for the first day of Wireless 2013.. and my first festival ever! Thankfully it was a beautiful day - and of course we got to see so many amazing acts.

Deciding what to wear was a challenge as the weather was really dull when I left in the morning. I'd originally laid out paperbag shorts and a crop top but the weather threw me so I went back to the staple vest top, skater and statement necklace - with a back up cardi in my bag. The bag in question was a borrowed rucksack for practicality.. however I can now confirm rucksacks are not for me! It did mean I could hold drinks and my phone at the same time but it looked SO awkward on my frame, and is not appropriate for when you are trying to get to the front of the crowd at a Miguel performance. Give me a clumsy oversize clutch any day.

In between sets we chilled on the grass, soaked up the sun and people watched, observing what everyone else was wearing. Our joint decision on the bravest fashion choice from some girls was to wear heels on the day - I was in my trusty flat ASOS sandals and my feet were killing, I can't imagine how in pain some of these girls were walking from stage to stage all day in their Kurt Geigers!

All in all I had an amazing day; saw Trey Songz, there was no need for wellies, no disgusting toilets (my biggest festival fear) and I got to top up my tan. if all festivals are like this.. sign me up!

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