Ahh I am finally back from my unintended blog break/hibernation! August was such a crazy month for me; finishing my placement year and searching for a new part time job, moving house at uni and just generally sorting my life out.

Anyway, I'm back now and this post is going to be about my (dissapointing) GlossyBox experience.. I'm sure most of you have read posts like these before - as I had - which is why I am surprised I fell for their clever marketing. I'm a sucker like that.

I guess most of you saw the Summer Sale they advertised on their Facebook page? Well, even though I had read about their terrible customer service, I didn't think much could go wrong with a one off payment and shipment. Apparently I was wrong! The offer was to receive both the Seaside Splash Box and their Birthday Box for the price of one - including shipping this came to £14.95. GlossyBox took the money from me straight away (21 August), and the Seaside Splash Box came exactly 7 days later. I was a bit confused as to why they were sending the boxes separately and not in one package, but I Tweeted them about this and they responded saying the other box would arrive soon.

A week went by and there was still no sign of the other box or a number to track it, so I sent two emails and a Tweet questioning where it was - I received no response. The box showed up last week, around the 9/10 September, obviously I was a little annoyed that it had taken so long and I had not been kept updated.. but I was just glad it had turned up and was looking forward to opening the Birthday Box after the reviews I had read on their website about it's products.

Turns out they had sent me the March box instead, which I only realised by searching the website for the products I had received. As you can imagine this only made me more annoyed with them, I Tweeted them straight away and am still yet to receive a response. I looked on their Facebook page and apparently this has happened to others too, with no explanation of why at all. Today I phoned the number they provide on-line but had to leave a message, as it went straight to voicemail.

The most annoying thing is that I had hoped my first blog post back would have been a happy positive 'I love my products' review - but I'm reluctant to use any of them until GlossyBox get back to me with an answer and send me the right box, or a refund.

I am so confused as to how this company can continue to run while paying so little attention to their (many) unhappy customers! But I am not holding my breath for a response from them any time soon..

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