Freshers Haul!

Even though I should be saving all my money for rent and food and things to generally live off.. I couldn't resist a few new goodies for the start of term. So this post is basically me showing you all the pretty things I brought, and hopefully encouraging you to spend some student loan on clothes too so I don't feel as bad!

I had never seen the Kenzo Tiger sweater before I came across the She Wears Fashion blog, and then I realised it was everywhere and became obsessed with trying to find a black version of it (I may have also become obsessed with stalking Kavita on Instagram and being depressed that I do not own the same amount of beautiful clothes). Eventually I found a dupe on ebay which was not bad quality considering the bargain price, and it was delivered within two weeks too. The only downside is that it's quite small for a small, especially as I have Mr Tickle arms so the sleeves are way too short.. but it's okay because I'm gunna wear it as a crop with rolled up sleeves. You can find it in black or green here.

My second sweat - which I justified buying for the winter months - is from Forever 21. I know it's bright but I feel like the majority of my wardrobe is black/white/grey/nude, and I'm dressing it down with leggings or jeans. I also feel slightly like Robin Thicke with the humbug sleeves but it's comfy and warm inside so it's acceptable. I can't find the link for where it's available online (I got it from the Bullring store), but it might just be that it's new in store or out of stock online.

I got these cute nude loafers for £13 in the Forever 21 sale, I think these are good Autumn flats as I cannot deal with 'dolly' type shoes any more. They are good value and (in my opinion) they don't look as tacky as some cheaper shoes do. I was soo tempted to get these cat flats too but I resisted somehow. They are definitely going on my Christmas list though.

Another ebay find was this set of mix and match rings, unfortunately they only come in one size which is a little too big for my twiggy fingers but they were so cheap that I don't mind. You can still find them on ebay here. Hopefully there is a way to make them fit slash fatten up my fingers, because they're so pretty and look exactly like a set I saw in Miss Selfridge a few weeks ago which were obviously a lot more money.

My other jewellery purchase was this chain, again from Forever 21, I've wanted a chunky chain for ages but the majority I've seen are choker style and I was looking for one that would be a bit more versatile with different necklines. I've tried to get the link for this too but I can't find it (thanks for the help Forever 21), but I think it was around £6 which is not too bad. This is why I take forever in their stores because everything is such a 'not too bad' price! I could have spent loads more in there but I was actually being a good girl..

.. partly because I had already spent money that week in ASOS on these gorgeous loafers. I brought them so I could look smart for the grad job fair I am going to this weekend. My thought is that employers will see my shoes, see I've taken life seriously and hopefully give me a job there and then (so I can continue buying beautiful things). Student discount made them even cheaper, and if you're on O2 students get 20% off on Tuesdays!

My final uni purchase was this long navy blue striped shirt which I think is my favourite Forever 21 purchase out of them all. So casual and perfect for a day at uni with leggings and a cozy cardigan. Only £16.75 too.

As you have probably gathered I have a massive shopping addiction and because of that I have sworn off online shopping for the whole of this month.. so you can more than likely expect another clothes post soon as I have no willpower! Have you brought any new clothes in the start of term sales?

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