London Fashion Weekend!

I know this is a little late, but two two weeks ago I won tickets to London Fashion Weekend with Marks and Spencer. It was a chance to see their much awaited AW13 preview which I absolutely loved. I don't know why but I always think of Marks to be an older person's kind of shop, but their looks were beaut! I especially liked the checked suit that you can see in the Marks and Spencer Show video video at around 2.18, with the leather look panels. On-line they only have the trousers in a size 18 though, so I hope this doesn't mean they're sold out for good as I was prepared for a little of my student loan to go in that direction!

I thought I wouldn't be able to go to LFW this season due to lack of money (student life), so as you can imagine I was soo excited to have won, and started planning what I would wear as soon as I had calmed down slightly. I decided on something which I hope was cute but practical..

I went for high waisted jeans, white crop fluffy jumper and spiked belt - all from ASOS. And then my Hermes and studded black ankle boots from New Look. I went with my friend Nas who looked amazing as always, and I loved seeing what everyone else decided to wear for LFW. I saw one girl with a beautiful gold kimono on - I wish I had asked her where it was from!

We all got a goody bag too, mine included a gorgeous mulberry coloured M&S Lipstick, notebook and (the best part) some Percy Pigs. Unfortunately I couldn't do much shopping after but loved looking around, especially at all the jewellery stands - there was one woman who had based her jewellery collection on pigeon claws. Strangely pretty! So grateful to Marks and Spencer for the tickets, and will definitely be taking a look in their stores more often.

I have now started my final year at uni, so obviously I couldn't resist a little wardrobe update to help me through the drama that is dissertation time. My next blog post will be on that, so hopefully there won't be as much of a gap between this one and the next :)

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