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For those of you that don't know, my hair is an absolute nightmare. A thick, curly, frizzy mess which needs constant taming. I rarely can find the time or effort to straighten it, so usually I run serum and mousse through it after washing and let it dry. Recently I found myself out of my hair staple - John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Serum, but when I went into the Superdrug near uni (which isn't that great!) I found they didn't have the Frizz-Ease in stock.. so I settled for their own version. I thought I would only use it for a week or two until I went to a bigger Superdrug or Boots, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Superdrug's offering is 'Style Expertise Taming Anti-Frizz Serum', 30ml for £2.99. The serum is silky in texture and has a fresh smell, and I only needed three pumps of it to cover my mane (I know the back of all serums state to use a 'pea sized amount', but trust me that never cuts it). The ends of my hair were smooth and defined curls, but I found that I still got flyaways near the top of my hair - although nothing a little hairspray didn't fix. You can find it online here.

The John Frieda Serum is £6.29 for 50ml (30ml would work out as £3.78) - I can only find it online at Boots. The first major difference is the packaging, the bottle comes in a silver box which I think is kinda unnecessary. This serum is a little thicker and leaves more residue on my hands after application in comparison to Style Expertise, but personally I prefer the smell of this one. It's a little more fragrant and reminiscent of the rest of the John Frieda Frizz-Ease shampoos/conditioners. It keeps the frizzy ends of my curls defined, but again still doesn't completely get rid of the frizzy-ness through the whole length of my hair.

All in all I can't actually find that much difference between the two. I think I have been using Frizz-Ease for so long it has almost become a habit, I don't even look for anything else. But I was really surprised by Superdrug's serum - and for it to work on my birds nest it has to be good! I think the majority of the time, whether we want to or not, we link price to quality - but I would really recommend Style Expertise, even if you aren't on a budget.

Do you have any frizz controlling products you swear by?

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