Hidden TKMaxx Gem

I always end up wandering into the TKMaxx near uni and looking through the beuaty section for aages! So I decided I would tell you guys about a little surprise gem I picked up in there, when you take the time you have a proper look around you can actually find some treats.

When I first saw the sleek packaging for the Revitalizing Skin Replenishing Mist, I thought it might have been a body moisturiser or shower gel - I didn't even know Nina Ricci did skin care. I picked it up a few months ago now so I can't remember the exact price - but I believe it was only around £6/£7. RRP is around £30 from what I can find online, so it was definitely a bargain. It's a water based mist that I spray on after my normal cleansing routine morning and night.

I decided to give this a go alongside my trusty Clinique skin care as it contains Vitamin E and green tea which promise to trap 'free radicals'. I had no idea what these were at first, but have since found out that they are the cells that can cause damage to our skin.

What it claims
To boost, restore and refresh skin

What it actually does
I have been using this for over a month now (but it hardly seems used at all, will last for ages), and it definitely is refreshing. Once sprayed on, my face feels 'refreshed' for around half an hour, and the smell of the product is really fresh and summery too. However, I have started to notice that unless I moisturise soon after, my face starts to feel tight and dry. On the plus side my skin has started to heal itself from blemishes a lot quicker than before, and when I spray it on the morning it wakes my skin up and gives me that fresh glowy look.

This was more of a discovery post as it wasn't a product I'd ever heard about or seen reviewed before. I would definitely recommend this mist if any of you manage to find it online/in a TKMaxx again. I'm so glad I took the chance and started using it as it's really making a difference to my skin, have you ever unearthed any products like this?


  1. I've always wanted to try a facial mist! Might have to give this one a go, thanks for the tip!

  2. No worries, would definitely recommend it if you can find it! :) x