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Last week I may have accidentally gone on an unplanned and uncalled for Boots shop...

I only went in to pick up an online order, but obviously I got distracted and brought another zillion things too. The offers make it so hard to resist! I could tell you about everything, but I have only really got to review nail varnishes properly as of yet.

I have wanted to buy a white nail polish for ages now, and so when I saw this bottle from Sinful Colors I decided to have it as one of my three for two deals. I have never really seen this brand before, but they have soo many beautiful colours! I think I definitely want to try their matte nail colours next (I'm thinking 'Rise and Shine' and 'Nirvana'?).

I was worried that white might look a tacky colour, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected. The polish was almost translucent on the first coat, but after the second coat it was a solid colour. The only thing that annoyed me about this polish is was it does not dry as quickly as some of my other polishes - and I am a very impatient person which led to me moving around and bits of fluff landing on my nails (and being white, any marks are very noticeable!) However, with the help of a setting spray, or someone forcing me to sit still for long enough, I do not think I would have any problems with this polish. AND it's only £1.99. Bargain. 

The second nail varnish is not technically from my Boots haul, however I did get in on the same day with a Glamour magazine. This month as you probably already know, Nails Inc and Kate Spade have teamed up with Glamour and are giving away four nail varnish shades: gold, silver, black and red. Unfortunately (or fortunately.. more shades would have probably ended up in me buying more than one magazine) there was only the choice of gold or black when I was buying my magazine - and so I chose the gold shade called 'Uptown Glamour'.

It dries very quickly which is a plus, and it is a lovely metallic colour which is perfect for the party season. You could leave it after one coat if you were in a massive rush, but personally I think it can look quite streaky so I did 3 coats just to try and alleviate this. On top of this there is a BodyShop discount card in the mag which will be worth either £3, £15 or £100 - so I will definitely be heading in store to find out how much is on there asap.

So there we have it, my two new nail varnishes of the week. And only a small grand total of £3.99 for them both. Do you have any SinfulColors polishes? Or did you manage to pick up any of the other Glamour shades?

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