Opportunity knocks..

This post has kind of a different vibe from my usual fashion/beauty ramblings, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on taking opportunities that come your way.

I went on a placement year from 2012 - 2013, and as cheesy as it sounds I really believe that is has helped mature me a lot. In my first and second year at uni I never 'went the extra mile' with my work, I didn't do more than the bare minimum that was expected of me and I certainly didn't take advantage of opportunities that were available to me. I knew I was interested in Events, but I couldn't focus on what I was really passionate about.

'Working hard' at a roadshow event I helped to organise on my placement year.

All this changed during my time on placement, and now I am so much clearer on what I want to do with my life - which is shocking for me as I am not a decisive person! I know that I would love to work in fashion events (for the glitz, glamour.. and beautiful clothes), but my more realistic passion lies in business and conferencing events. I've learnt it is important to have this figured out when deciding what to do when faced with an opportunity - does it fit in with my goals?

When I returned to uni this year, I was lucky enough to be chosen for a student membership to the International Special Events Society (ISES), where industry professionals meet regularly at events held across London. The first event I had the opportunity to attend, I had to go alone. The other students from my uni couldn't make it, and my lecturer had to drop out last minute to look after his son. And I admit it, I was soo tempted not to go.. until I realised - I HAD to go on my own. If I manage to make it in the events industry, I want to be recognised as an individual. I need to be my own person. This was the next thing I realised I needed to have worked out - how badly do I want to meet my goals?

One of the ISES events was held at the Natural History Museum - so pretty!

Lastly, and I think this has been the most important change in my attitude this year - is the fact that we have nothing to lose by taking an opportunity. We can only gain things by saying yes to them, and that is why my third and final breakthrough (and motto for the year) has been to ask - why not?

I know this was a random post, but I hope it will inspire some of you to think about taking more opportunities, as I have recently realised that there is so much I probably missed out on by saying 'no thank you' in the past. Although it might put us out of our comfort zones, taking those opportunities can only benefit us in the long run.

Talking of Benefit.. if you have stayed with me to the end, I thought I would share with you with my mini Wednesday Wishlist (aka one item):

I just hope Santa has read this post to the end too!

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