My Happy Face

Recently I have been seeing a lot of Tweets and Facebook statuses from people who are constantly negative or moaning about something. It got me to thinking about what it actually is that keeps some people happier than others, and what it is that makes me happy. So I created a list of 10 of the little things that help to keep me positive..

1. It goes without saying that my boyfriend (with me on the camel!), my friends and my family keep me happy and grounded all of the time. I have become a big believer in the idea that you really should surround yourself with positive people.. who aren't afraid to tell you the truth when needed.

2. Watching the Romeo and Juliet with Leo in, no matter how many times I have seen it before!

3. I used to hate making dinner and baking things. I got a D in GCSE cooking and dreaded the lesson every week. But since being a student I really enjoy cooking new dishes and baking cakes/cookies/anything sweet for people. I think it must be the Mediterranean in me, the women in my family are complete feeders!

4. Continuing that theme, coming back to my hometown and getting some good homecooking definitely makes me happy. I love coming home to see both sets of grandparents. One side is English and the other Sicilian, so I get to come back to amazing roast dinners and lots of Italian treats. The best thing!

5. Freshly done nails.

6. Any ridiculous memes, more often than not involving cats.

7. I know this is probably the most typical thing for a girl to say, but genuinely the act of going shopping always cheers me up. Possibly the best part is when you get home and ignore your bank balance, but take a look at everything you've brought that day (I imagine this is the same sort of weird relationship that men have with football?) Retail therapy is real people!

8. Surprises.

9. Organising and time managing. Okay, I'm not sure if this actually makes me 'happy' or whether I am just glad I can finally do these things. Either way I have learnt how to manage my time and plan my life better, and I feel so much more calm and chilled about things now. Organisation is the way forward!

10. Finally this is one of my fave songs and always makes me happy! I remember getting the Survivor album when I was about 10, and I would take it everywhere with me on my Barbie walkman. Not only is this when I first fell in love with Beyonce, but it was also when I would listen to Happy Face over and over on repeat.

What would be in your feel good top ten?


  1. This is such a lovely post :) Cat memes (and videos) are in my top 10 too :D Specifically Maru, he is the cutest, cuddliest cat in the world! Salted caramel macaroons also make me inproportionately happy too :)

    Jennifer |


    1. Ahh thank you :) Oh how could I have forgotten about cat videos, you can never see too many! I still have never tried macaroons, might have to put that at the top of my to do list..