Happy Monday bloggers!

Today's post is about the wonderful scheme that ASOS is now running - #AccessAllASOS. It's for those guys and girls who lovee ASOS and want to become an ASOS Insider.

Last week I received an email saying my application was successful and I was officially an ASOS Insider.. to say I was excited is an understatement. They are looking for newbies each month and so I thought I would urge any of you that love ASOS but haven't applied, to do so here asap! Being an Insider will allow for some amazing opportunities to come your way, such as a potential invitation to ASOS HQ (can you imagine?! In my head it's like some sort of heaven..).
To greet all of the Insider newbies this weekend, ASOS sent each of us a personalised welcome package. I looked through the Instagram feed and didn't see any two the same - so there was genuine thought that had gone into these packages. I received a handwritten note, and the cutest Happy Jackson pencil case which was sent to me because 'I like motivational quotes..'. I believe this may be because I featured a motivation blog post a few weeks back to get me through my exam hell. I weirdly also actually needed an upgrade to the shabby Wilkinsons pencil case I had purchased last September (sorry Wilkos), so it was a thoughtful and needed gift!
As well as the case I received some valentines themed stickers, and a fortune cookie which I ate straight away *not even ashamed*. If you know me in person, or have read my blog/tweets, you will know I have been addicted to ASOS since I have been able to online shop - so this is such an exciting opportunity for me. I can't wait to see what else #AccessAllASOS has in store for me, and I am looking forward to meeting the other Insiders both online and at events (if you are reading this and are an Insider too, please leave a comment or tweet me)!

Good luck if you have applied, and if not.. what you waiting for?

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