Friday Favourites #3

Since it's the first Friday of 2014, today's favourites are a few of my fave Christmas gifts that I am going into the new year with.

I received this body scrub as a gift from my boyfriend's 8 year old sister Millie, she chose it herself and it was definitely a wise decision. Leaves my skin refreshed and smooth, and it has a fresh floral smell. Perfect for spring!
Soap and Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em

Millie also chose this nail varnish for me too, I love anything sparkly and this Rimmel polish in Aurora is no exception. I think the colour means that this is not just confined to Christmas, I will definitely be wearing it the whole year round.
Rimmel London Space Dust

After dropping many 'not so subtle' hints to anyone who would listen, I was treated to Yankee Candles galore. I'm currently burning SnowFlake Cookie and it smells amazing!
Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie

My final favourite today is the Luxury Lush Pud! I had never had one before, but it came in a Lush gift box that my Mum got me. Unfortunately you can only get them at Christmas, and I didn't take any proper pictures of it! But I wanted to share my Instagram vid with you guys because I completely loved it.. Luxury Lush Pud

Happy Friday everyone! :)

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