Friday Favourites #4

This week's Friday Faves have to be LCM based! I pored over all the collections online, wonder how many of the styles will translate into trends though..

Bobby Abley - is it wrong that I would happily wear this fluffy jersey?

Mr Hare - Firstly I love the textures in this outfit. Secondly I enjoy that mankles are making more of an appearance.

Astrid Anderson - Don't think for one minute I am endorsing this, I just wanted to share it with you as a hilarious reminder that asymmetric male leotards are not okay.

Kay Kwok - Love this style of sweater. Print with the contrast sleeves.

Louis Leeman Paris - Shoes are everything.

Agi & Sam - Matchy matchy items are surely the way forward?

A Sauvage - Long length and turquoise = YES

Ada + Nik - Pasty legs = NO. Though it could be more wearable with some leather skinnies/meggings?

My final favourite from LCM is Tinie and this coat. His overall style is too suarve!

I hope you enjoyed my little round-up of the shows, did you have any favourites?

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