Friday Favourites #6

My Friday favourites post are always a combination of things I have seen, or that have happened over the previous week. So obviously this week my first favourite has to be  the fact that I joined the Access All ASOS programme and received my welcome gift! You can read all about it here.
It also dawned on me the other day that I own/use a lot of miniature products. Whether they are samples, freebies or from gift sets. So I wanted to share my most loved with you guys. The High Beam was a freebie from a magazine (is it wrong that I judge magazines based on their free gift?), I had never thought of using highlighter before getting this, and didn't even open it until a few months after I got it. But now my eyes don't feel properly 'done' unless I have a little highlighter on my brow bone. I only use this on my eyes and it seems to have lasted ages, but I will definitely be buying the full size version. 
Next is the Elizabeth Arden which I got in my LFW tote bag last Feb. Again it is something that I did not use straight away, but I tweeted about needing a good lip balm a while back, and this was recommended (thanks bbloggers!) so I dug it out and have been loving it since. 
And then there's my little Dior! Dior Addict 2 is my most favourite perfume, but it is on the expensive side. Normally every Christmas there is a Dior mini's set in Boots for around £25 and I treat myself, but this year I was told they no longer stock it. However, my Dad went away for work in December and found a mini Dior set in duty-free, so he came to the rescue and managed to pick one up for me! The presentation box is actually a little white jewellery style box with a lid and drawer, and contains five mini's including Pure Poison and J'adore (again these are right behind Addict as favourites.. but basically I'm a sucker for any Dior perfume). I love this because it is bigger than some miniatures so you can actually spray it as opposed to 'dabbing', but still small enough to take with you.
My final favourite this week is my latest ASOS purchase. I needed some smart trousers for an event that is coming up, but I also wanted them to be comfortable as I find that a lot of trousers/jeans can be restrictive. I was searching for ages, but when I found these peg trousers online in the sale for £11 I had to have them. The print on these is so cute, and the material is stretchy but not flimsy/see through which is what I have found in similar style trousers elsewhere. If you're lucky you might be able to catch the last few pairs here.
Do you have any recommendations for other miniatures to look out for, or have you found the ideal piece of comfortable-yet-smart work clothing?

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  1. Is the Benefit High Beam good? I've heard lots about it!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog to see what that means :-)

    Kat B