Happy New You..?

I have been terrible at blog writing while at home for Christmas.. mainly because as soon as I get there I get too distracted by my family, friends, good food and the nice warm, clean house! However, now that the random time between Christmas and New Years is over I am back at uni (aka back to reality).

I hope everyone had a lovely NYE whatever it was spent doing, I personally kept it low key and was tucked up watching episodes of Family Guy by 1am this morning - living that crazy lifestyle! It gets to this time of year and we all inevitably see the wave of social media updates: 'New Year, new me..' 'Things are gunna change from now on..' etc. When I look back over 2013, I couldn't be happier with the things that have happened / I have been a part of / I have achieved. So I haven't made any drastic resolutions and I definitely don't want to transform into a 'new person' this year (surely people should start with working on who they already are anyway?). I get the feeling that the majority of people only make these gestures on NYE as they believe it is expected of them.. but visit them in February and they will have forgotten about the wild claims they made on December 31st.

Therefore, to start of this new year a little differently I have created a kind of to-do/wish list for 2014:

- All of my friends and family to stay healthy and happy
- Survive the hell of dissertation and graduate with a 2:1 or above
- Find a job (!)
- Get my own house/flat - no more student housing please
- Potentially get a car so I can be fully independent - although I am pretty sure I (and everyone else) would be terrified if I was in charge of a car..
- Do the Shine Walk
- If I can't curb my shopping habits, visit charity shops more often

I will have to revisit the list this time next year as 2014 will probably pan out in a way I couldn't have imagined. I hope you all have an amazing year, and as mentioned in a previous post - make the most of it :)

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