Post Christmas Haul

As you may have guessed by now, I have some kind of addiction with shopping. So, when I tell you that the Saturday just gone was the first time since BEFORE Christmas that I have been - I hope you feel proud/impressed!

Yup, I sadly missed the best of the post Christmas sales and bargains, in fact this shopping trip was the first opportunity I have had to return duplicate/wrong size gifts. I also discovered the shopping heaven that is 'Outfit' for the first time (all your fave Arcadia shops in one place... why did no one tell me about this before?!) where I spent the rest of my Topshop Christmas vouchers that I hadn't managed to use online.

This post is a little get together of all of my purchases, most of which were remaining bits from the Christmas sales so I managed to find some treats!
Lush essentials - Space Girl £2.25, Ickle Baby Bot £1.95

Primark daisy crop - £6

Duplicate book exchanged at Waterstones for - Vogue On.. Coco Chanel, £15

Primark daisy leggings - £3 | Topshop long necklace and midi ring - £2.50 each

Duplicate book exchanged at WHSmiths for - Nigella and Hummingbird cookbooks, £5 each

Topshop boyfriend coat - £35 | Primark nude blazer - £7

Exchanged for smaller size - Pandora Birthstone Ring, £40

I'm slightly unsure about my daisy purchases, but looking forward to reading the Vogue book and baking some Hummingbird treats! Did you find any bargains in the post Christmas sales?

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  1. Amazing! the picture at the top is awesome, great haul :) B xx