Wednesday Wishlist #3

This weeks wishlist doesn't follow a particular theme, it's just a mishmash of some more expensive items I have been eyeing up.. hopefully I win the lottery sometime soon so I can treat myself!

There was a time where I was so conscious about the size of my feet that I wouldn't want to wear any style of shoes that would make them appear any bigger- such as pointy or chunky shoes (I am only a size 6 before you ask.. and yes I am aware that this was a ridiculous complex for me to have). However I have recently fallen in love with this style of shoe. I saw these beauties on ASOS and figured if you're gunna do it, you may as well do it properly!

Firstly, I obviously love this because of how beautiful it looks/would look on a dressing table. But secondly, I have actually recently discovered how amazing primers can be for the skin! This one claims to conceal imperfections and banish shine while giving the complexion a natural matte look - which sounds like the perfect combination to me.

I have read so many rave reviews about these. Apparently the Mia 2 feels like a spa facial each and every time you use it, and would certainly be a step up from the little exfoliating disk I currently use.

Again, I've seen so many reviews on these candles saying how amazing they are.. You know you're getting old when you start wanting candles! But I think these would make a gorgeous addition to the bedroom.

Do you own any of these, or know any good copycat products?


  1. Gah, being a blogger is bad for my bank account! Now I want all these things! Beth xo

    1. I'm constantly lusting over new things when I read blogs. Blogging is definitely justification to spend money though.. surely?! xx

  2. I'm desperate to try the guerlain primer too! It looks so pretty x

    1. They have a bronzing version too which looks just as pretty! Let me know if you manage to try it :) xx