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When I was around 17, I brought my first ever MAC product - Plush Lash. I loved that I finally had my first MAC product, however I didn't think it made my lashes look that different to the Bourjois one I also used at that time, and since I didn't have a MAC counter in my home town I never bothered to replace it when it ran out.

Recently however, I wanted to make a change from the Clinique High Impact mascara I have been faithful to for the past few years, and a trip into MAC for a foundation pump ended in the purchase of Zoom Lash.

I believe all MAC mascaras are priced the same at £14, which I don't think is too bad considering some 'drugstore' mascaras can sell for £10 and upwards. I asked the assistant for something that would lengthen and curl my lashes at the same time and she quickly recommended Zoom Lash - at first I was a bit dubious given my previous experience with MAC mascara.. but this one is amazing!

I normally find that my lashes don't look 'ready' after one coat, but with Zoom Lash you could easily go with just one coat if you were in a hurry. It may be because I have only just started using it, but the brush doesn't leave any clumps and manages to reach all of the lashes. One other thing which tended to annoy me about other mascaras, is the way it sometimes rubs off under the eyebrow, but since using Zoom Lash I haven't had this happening.

Naked eye | One coat | Second coat, lower lashes and a little Kohl liner.
Excuse the terrible blurred quality of these close ups, seriously considering a proper camera..

In case you can't tell, I love this mascara! Think you guys should all give it a go next time you are make up shopping - if you haven't already of course. Safe to say I think I will be making a repeat purchase :)

Do you have any holy grail mascaras you would recommend?

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  1. This mascara looks amazing! My holy grail mascara is the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, but since it is discontinued I am looking for an alternative, and I think I will try this one out! xx

    www.overdosedemaquillage.com ♥