Friday Favourites #8

It's fiiinally Friday! If you have been keeping up to date with my Favourites posts, you may have predicted that this one would be Paris Fashion Week related! My faves so far..

Victoria Beckham - love the shape, colour and fur trim of this beauty! Not sure about the shoes though?

Nina Ricci - I think I seriously need to invest in some metallic shoes this season, paired with florals and pastel colours (and a subtle tan) they seem so wearable.

Roberto Cavalli - I genuinely just enjoy how Gatsby this is.

Tom Ford - The texture of this coat looks amazing, the furryness in contrast with the trim. Fingers crossed the high street stock some dupes soon

Lanvin - I would have never thought to wear a coat as a dress by rolling up the sleeves. Actually works.. I think.

Balmain - The colour of that jumper is so beautiful!

Zimmermann - I love the accessories on this look more than anything. The shoes with the bow to match the neck piece.. yes please.

I have major envy of anyone at PFW at the moment - beats the rainy UK anyday. Are your Friday Favourites up yet? Don't forget to share your links guys :)

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