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For those of you that don't know, the Liebster Award is a way of promoting fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers and helping them to gain a little more exposure. I was lucky enough to be nominated for this by Kat all the way from Denmark, so thank you lovely! If you haven't already, check out her brand new blog - Katience.
If you are nominated you have to answer 11 questions that have been set by the nominator (is that the right way to say it..?), and then create 11 more questions for 9 other bloggers that you choose. So without further ado..

Kat's Questions:
What's your New Year's resolutions if you have any?
I actually don't make New Year's resolutions because I think that you should make changes whenever you feel it's appropriate - not just at New Year's!
What's your biggest blogger-dream?
I think it would have to be getting the opportunity to go to a variety of blogging events (shows, awards, product launches, conferences etc.)
One make-up product you couldn't live without?
Green blemish stick! Covers up and removes the redness from anything. Amazing.
What do you do for a living?
I am a fourth year Event Management student from the University of Hertfordshire, which is just outside of London.
Your favourite nail polish?
I think Dangerous Affair by Ciate, but I do use loads of other brands! I just always make sure to finish my nails with a Sally Hansen top coat - no chipping for days.
Name a few of your favourite make-up brands.
MAC, Boots Natural Collection and Benefit
What do you like the most about your blog?
Hmm. I think I would have to say how uncluttered it looks. Is that weird? I'm not OCD or anything but I do like things to look clean and minimal!
Who's your favourite blogger?
This is hard as there's so many blogs I love reading. But if I had to choose one favourite blogger I think it would have to be Kavita from SheWearsFashion. I only discovered this blog a few months ago but since then I've been addicted. I love her style!
Do you live on your own or at home?
I actually live away from home, but in a student house with four other people. I'm not sure if I could ever fully live on my own as I would be rubbish if a burglar turned up..
What's your everyday make-up routine like?
Foundation (I wish I could be one of those people whose skin looked naturally amazing without having to pile make up on), eyeliner flicks, two/three coats of mascara, blusher and a touch of highlighter. Sometimes bronzer if I haven't wasted all my time taming my hair/choosing what to wear.
What do you hope to achieve in 2014?
I can only hope that this year I will be able to: graduate with a 2:1 or higher, find a graduate job, rent a proper grown up house, go on a girly holiday, expand my blog following, and after years of waiting - finally get a kitten!

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My 11 Questions
What are your hopes for your blog?
What is your one holy grail beauty product?
What is your biggest fear?
If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Out of all the places you have visited, which is your favourite?
What is your favourite skincare brand?
If you could, what one piece of clothing would you ban forever?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
What/who inspired you to start your blog?
If you could meet one celebrity/famous personality - who would it be and why?
One top beauty tip?

Thank you again to Kat for nominating me, and I look forward to reading the answers from the bloggers that I have nominated! Do you know of any smaller blogs that you could recommend? I'm always looking for new things to read so feel free to share!

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  1. Event Management student! That's so cool - and actually a lot like the path I'd like to take! Hope you'll graduate with a 2:1 or higher love!

    Kat B