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I'm sure many of you guys have heard about the Blogger Programme, but I only found out about it a little back via a #bbloggers chat and joined up straight away.
For those of you that don't know, the Blogger Programme is basically a social network which connects bloggers with their favourite brands as well as other bloggers. Everyone has their own profile page which they can use to promote their blog, upload content, and basically just present themselves in a way which is attractive to brands and companies who might want to work with them. Essentially the idea of this site is to make it easier for brands and bloggers to work together - it minimises the hassle.

The reason I decided to sign up for the Blogger Programme is not just because it was another channel to promote my blog through, but because the whole concept of it is so simple and easy to understand. Also it's helpful for newbies (like me and my baby blog) who want to network, or are unsure how to go about contacting brands/deal with companies approaching them.

I think my favourite feature about the site is that you can find small and unique companies that you may have never discovered before - for me it is not just the possibility of working with them, but about finding new places to shop and look for inspiration. I especially like the little jewellery boutiques on there such as Ochre Tuesdays which I found recently, a cute little jewellery design company producing pieces that are soo pretty! Of course, the Blogger Programme also hosts some bigger labels as well such as Very and Ruby Rocks, which is great as the thought of approaching big companies out of the blue has always seemed so daunting to me!

Ochre Tuesdays Brass Ring

If you are already signed up and want to take a look, my profile is here. If not, I would definitely recommend looking into it as it is a simple and easy way to find opportunities for your blog, but most importantly another way to become more involved with the blogging community.

Are you already a part of the Blogger Programme, or know of something similar?

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