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When I get the time, I love to do a blogging/vlogging binge. Losing myself online - searching for new blogs, reading posts on products/clothes I have been lusting after, envying other bloggers and their beautiful writing styles/skin/array of Diptyques/cute pets!

Today I thought I'd share with you a guys a few of the blogs I'm enjoying at the moment, so you can check them out if you haven't already discovered them.

Twenty Something Beauty - Rachel's blog is full on lovely posts, pretty products and humour! What more can you ask for from a blog?

Lets Talk Beauty - Vicki is a Manchester based blogger, whose posts are no nonsense and honest. Plus she loves tea, and is always sharing the latest flavours she has found. Great for someone like me who is a tea experimenter (if that's a thing? I just really really don't enjoy 'normal' milk and two sugars tea..)

The Wardrobe Challenge - I found Hanna's blog through searching for fellow ASOS insiders I think, and have loved stalking her posts since. But *be warned* following the Instagram page will only make you want to buy more clothes.. like all of the time!

ThriftySkies - This blog is perfect for all of you out there, who like me, are on a budget but just you can't stop yourself from shopping! Chloe, the owner of this blog, is a student too so she understands this never-ending struggle and reviews bargains she has found - but also throws in a little treat every now and again.

I definitely recommend you guys go and check these blogs out! Or, if you are already a fan on these lovely ladies, maybe you could suggest some more bloggers you think I would like :)

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