Fawsley Hall Review

This week saw me hit my 22nd birthday, and I was very lucky as my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to a gorgeous spa in Northamptonshire. I'm not sure how many of you will know this area, but we visited Fawsley Hall and thought I would share my experience with you guys. If you are from around the county or could get to it easily (it's just under two hours away from London) I would definitely recommend it.

Bear in mind that this was my first ever spa experience, so you spa regulars might be thinking that I was too easily impressed by everything.. but I have genuinely never felt more pampered!
Google picture - I could never photograph something this well!
First off, the stately home is set in the middle of some gorgeous postcard-type countryside. I mean, we had to drive for about 10 minutes through fields of sheep casually waltzing up to the car - so you automatically feel detached from the rush of daily life, especially as your phone loses all type of signal. At first the phone thing did freak me out.. but it's actually quite nice to not have to worry about forgotten emails/Tweets/Whatsapps that you need to reply to for a day or two.

The staff were all so friendly, which makes you feel relaxed right from the moment you check in. I mean, their voices weren't as ridiculously soothing as the spa lady in Friends ('..just through the glass doors..') but still created a chilled atmosphere. And the room was amazing! I'm sure it was a suite, there was a tiny upstairs to it which led to a bathroom with the biggest bath and separate shower. Then a giant wardrobe, desk, bed and flatscreen - there were also loads of vintage Vogue prints around the hotel and in the room which only made me like it more.

Now the important part.. the spa. Our room was situated above the spa which is in the newer part of the hotel (some parts date way back), so it seemed acceptable to just walk to it in our robes and fluffy white slippers. There is a sauna, steam room, indoor pool and outdoor hydro pool which we used before our treatments. We had a full body scrub and a shoulder, neck and back massage.. I felt soo relaxed afterwards I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep on the table. Plus my skin was super soft afterwards - I don't know if a normal shower scrub will ever suffice again.

The food was also amazing, I feel like I put on a stone just after our first meal there. But, there is a country walk to a local village which definitely helps to burn off the calories. You get to wander for about an hour through fields and ancient woods until you reach a cute local pub, congratulate yourself for making it with a glass of wine, and then potter back again.

Can you think of a better countryside getaway? If you are looking for a weekend away from it all, with some great food and spa treatments thrown in - I cannot recommend Fawsley Hall more.

Have any of you stayed at this hotel, or is there a certain spa you would suggest visiting? And, I would love to hear your go-to products that help to recreate that spa feeling..

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