Friday Favourites #10

Happy Friday lovelies. Just a few this week.. some goodies I have recently discovered, but quickly fallen in love with!

I am not sure how, but I have only just found MUJI! Umm, I kinda wanted everything there - definitely got my eye on some of their make up storage. However, this time I just picked up a few of their tin candles, including this one (Hinoki wood). It has an amazing smell.. almost reminds me of a woody/musky aftershave. The candle melts well too, if that is a thing, the diameter of the tin means that all the wax burns evenly and there is no waste. Happy days.

Next is a product that I knew was HG for a lot of beauty bloggers, and after using it I can see why. Although I swear by my Clinique anti-blemish regime, it can sometimes dry my skin out a little too much - so recently I have switched to using this Origins moisturiser once or twice a week. It helps to keep dry patches at bay and reduces that tight skin feeling - plus it smells gorgeous.

Finally, I have been a Denman fan from way back, my Mum brought me the classic black brush when I first started to take care of my own hair and I haven't strayed since. So imagine my excitement when I went to replace my brush.. only to find the new edition. SCENTED. I don't even know why I need a scented hairbrush - especially as I only use it when I dare to straighten my hair - but I think it can only make your hair game even more amazing. I went for apple, but there was also berry and coconut available.

Have you used any of these products, or can you recommend any similar items?

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