End of an era...

Hello there lovelies, and happy bank holiday! My blog has taken a bit of a back seat these past few weeks, and for a while I couldn't pinpoint what it is that's stopping me. I have finally finished my exams (the struggle is over!), so time is my own and the student loan has blessed me with a few too many new purchases - but I haven't been too focussed on what to write or share with you all.

Then, it hit me. I think I am in mourning - my university life is all but over.
No more tedious group work, no more late nighters in the LRC, no more bumping into people and having the dreaded 'how is your dissertation going?' conversation, no more dying at your university 'spotted' Facebook/Twitter pages while secretly being paranoid you will be caught next, no more student fees, no more awful student housing landlords demanding the overpriced rent, no more renewing library books that are already so overdue (I may not have paid the fines off yet, but still)..

Granted, for those people who have not been to university - or did not have a good experience - you may be sitting there thinking that I should be pleased that I will never have to deal with these situations again. And sometimes, I think of those reasons and wonder if maybe I am ready to face the big wide world.

Until I realise I may never see some of the wonderful people I have met at university again, I will never have to learn anything ever again if I don't want to (call me weird, but I think I will miss not learning new things), I will never again be as young and naive as those baby faced freshers, and, possibly the most tragic thing about leaving university... NO MORE STUDENT DISCOUNT.

Of course, there are a million more things I will miss about uni, and going on about them all will take forever and probably lead you to remove me from your Bloglovin lists. And, of course, I know that there are people I will stay in contact with way after uni has finished, this is not 'the end'. But I am a creature of habit, I hate change. It took me the whole of first year - and some of my second at uni - to find my place, find my friends, and find out who I really was. So I feel like I'm a little way behind, and still not ready to leave quite yet.

The next chapter of my life is so exciting and I can't wait to start my new job, but at the same time I am very nervous of my new found freedom. I believe that one of the benefits of not going to university is that you are exposed to the 'real world' at a lot faster and sudden pace than those who are kept in the bubble of student life for longer. Sure, I can cook and clean and fend for myself, but after 17 years in education I don't quite know what I am gunna do with myself now that I don't have a class to return back to in September.

I'm sure my attitude will change completely when I get my first pay packet and settle into my job, and I won't even think about the student loan payment days when I would check my bank at 00:01 to see if I could finally afford a night out / branded food / any goodies from the ASOS sale. But if I could say anything to those of you who are starting uni this year, it would be to enjoy every minute of it - and don't be afraid to be yourself. You don't wanna waste a second of the amazing opportunity that you are paying so damn much for (note: the repayment of debt is another unwelcome graduation present). Change course if you don't like your subject, change friendship groups if you don't like their attitudes, do a gap year if you need a break, join a society if you have a hobby, and work your hardest to graduate with a degree you are proud of.

Oh and don't forget to exploit your right to be a little student mess, make sure you party the most.

I guess that's the end of today's post.. hopefully if some of you are feeling the same right now, it might help to know that you aren't the only one. Massive good luck wishes to all of you out there graduating this year, especially the Uni of Herts class of of 2014. May you all be much less mushy than me when coming to terms with the end of your uni life.
*Leaves blog to try and extend unidays student status*

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