Too Faced - Lash Injection

After my review of They're Real, I didn't think I'd be straying to another mascara again. But, after receiving it in a little beauty prize from ASOS a few months ago, I decided to give the Too Faced Lash Injection a go.
I had heard a lot of good things about this brand, but having never trying it myself (and being completely in love with They're Real) I was still sceptical about this mascara. At first the brush looked too big to be able to get into the corner of my lashes without smudging everywhere - but I actually found that it did well at being delicate for such a chunky brush.
After the first application - I was happy with the results, but still was being loyal to They're Real. I told myself I preferred the brush, and as a person who doesn't like change I thought I would revert straight back to it the next day. Especially as after a days worth of wear I will normally always see some of that annoying mascara rub off on the brow bone.. but with the Lash Injection there was none. NONE at all, I know what you're thinking, it might have been a fluke? But no, I tried a whole days wear on another two separate occasions and this mascara just stayed put.

Naked lashes
One coat
Second coat
Although it may seem then as though this mascara is edging it's way in as my new fave, it still doesn't give me the same wow factor that They're Real does. I can easily leave my eyes after one coat of that, and know my lashes are looking curly and on point. But with Lash Injection, personally, I need to go for two or three coats. Although if you have naturally long and curly lashes (lucky!) you might be fine with just the one coat.

At £18 from Debenhams, I don't think I would repurchase this Too Faced mascara at full price - mainly because I much prefer the finished look that Benefit can give me at just a pound or two more. On the other hand, for wearability it may be worth the money if you only need a single coat for the perfect lashes.

Have you tried Lash Injection, or do you think there is a better HG mascara that can beat They're Real? Let me know, I'm always looking to try new products :)

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