You can probably tell by my infrequent posts / unprofessional layout / lack of proper camera (circle or add options as appropriate), I would not at all call myself a 'proper' blogger. However it is something I really enjoy doing as a hobby and, as I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to get involved and meet more of the blogging community. That's why I jumped at the chance when Em from mypaleskin asked if anyone would be interested in attending a blogger dinner.

Now, for those that don't know (I think) I am quite a sociable chatty person - sometimes possibly too much? - and since attending the event industry monthly meetups my networking skills have definitely got a lot better. But when I am at event industry events, I am confident in my topics of conversation and can answer any specific questions with a strong response. However, with blogging I by no means know everything about beauty/fashion/blog layouts etc. This meant I was actually slightly nervous about attending the dinner, and meeting girls who I wrongly assumed would all have a million more views/make up brushes/Twitter followers than me.
But, as always happens with these things, I needn't have been so worried. All of the ladies I met with were genuinely so lovely, approachable, open and honest. We were from a mixture of locations across the country, variety of professions and both 'proper camera' and 'phone camera' bloggers - so no judging at all. It was an evening of asking questions, finding out more about the people behind the blogs and Instagrams, and discovering that the opinions or thoughts we shared were more popular than we thought.
Note: I'm about to laugh here, hence why I look like the cheesiest person.
The blogging community is such a friendly group of people, so why shouldn't we meet some of those bloggers we follow on Twitter in person? Whether it is this particular event or another similar - the dinner has shown me that no matter your blogging 'status', if you have the chance you should definitely push yourself outside your comfort zone and go chat over pizza (and dough-balls... and desert) with other bloggers.

The eight ladies I dined with are listed below. You probably do already know them but if not you should go check them out and give them a follow:

Anouska from anouskamillar
April from beautifaceblog
Em from mypaleskin
Kitty from kittyhearts
Laura from laurataylorfashion
Monica from mothloves
Sam from beautifie
Sarah from sarahsbeautyemporium

I think this dinner will become a much more regular thing, and I know that I will try to attend as many as I can to meet more bloggers and hopefully find friends in like-minded people dotted around the capital. If you can get to London easily, or it seems like something you are interested in and could travel for, make sure you check #LDNBloggerDinner to see when the next event will be.

A massive thanks again to Em for hosting, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you at these events :)

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  1. What a great idea! It sounds like you girlies had a fab time, and everyone looks so well dressed and fashionable!

    Ana X