Wednesday Wishlist #9

Hello there lovelies, it's already the midway point of this week and you've only done one full day of work - hurrah! The joy of bank holiday Mondays eh.. although sadly the end of the August bank holiday marks the end of bank holiday weekends until Christmas. But don't fear, I've had my eye on some beaut pieces that could definitely come in handy for an impromptu night out. The luxury of having an extra day (or two) off to plan your weekend outfit is now over until Christmas ladies - you can never be too prepared.
Chiffon Shirt Dress - £75
Black Lace Insert Shorts - £25
Bandeau Jumpsuit - £60
Tres Chic Clutch - £16
Poynter High Heels - £45
If you can't tell I'm in love with everything pastel at the moment *swoon* Is it me or do wages never seem to stretch far enough?

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