All Change!

I initially started this blog as a way to talk about all the beautiful items of clothes I have spied or rate some of the beauty products I have been using. And I have been doing that for over a year, but now I realise there are already SO MANY people who do that very well...
And while I definitely still enjoy making those posts, there are other things I have opinions on that I would love to write about too. I am not saying that these other ideas will get me any more readers, or that they will even be 'good posts'. But, as I have graduated and gone on to a different stage in my life, it seems natural that I want my blog to move on a little too..

Don't worry - I am not going cold turkey. There will still be clothes and make up (and occasional baking recipes) aplenty. But there are so many more things that contribute to making our lives beautiful - and as this is the meaning of my original blog name (Bella Vita), I think sometimes we should give these things a little more thought too.

So yes, the post title was probably a little dramatic. No name change, no drastic cut of certain types of posts, no new layout (not yet anyway). But I've decided I should step out of my #bbloggers comfort zone enough to chance a little more variety in my posts.

So please, bear with me, and let me know your (honest) thoughts.

Watch this space lovelies, and thanks as always for stopping by.

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