The Kardashian Komplex

Rewind a few weeks, and I can guarantee that the majority of your social media feeds were filled with pictures, memes and comments about it. You yourself had probably seen it, had an opinion on it, and passed it on to a few of your closest friends (at least). People were coming into work and asking 'have you seen it?!' or 'did you hear about it?!'.

What am I on about you ask? But surely, you haven't forgotten already?

Now, I actually am not too bothered with why Kim did it, or how much money she made, or whether it was an appropriate thing to do as a Mother (just let the woman live her own life please!).

But I am concerned about something that we all seem to overlook. Something we all subconsciously know exists with photographs of those in the limelight - but something we can't help but forget when it comes to fixating on how much we don't look like Kim Kardashian.


I know that Kim and the rest of the Kardashian crew do have a lot of junk in the trunk, don't get me wrong. However, by now we should all be aware that Photoshop is almost always used on 99.9% of the pictures celebrities LET US see. It's scary to think that over the past few years, Kim (and Nikki, and Iggy etc) have slowly but surely changed what we - as the non celebrity every day folk - perceive as the norm for a female body. Not scary because a female body shouldn't be that way, but scary because we are so easily influenced.

Of course since way back, J-Lo has been working it from a booty perspective, but for the Instagram generation; Khloe Kim and Kourtney have surely been leading the way. And as our attitudes towards their body shapes have changed, the world of photo editing suites have changed too. They are even better than before at editing pictures without looking like they have touched a thing.

While I like to think I am older and know better than to be fooled by the sorcery of Photoshop, I often find myself drooling over pictures of women with their perfect hourglass figures and wondering when I am going to grow a pair of these killer hips needed to rock a bodycon properly. And to make it worse, people like Taylor Swift are getting ridiculed on social media for not having a figure she wasn't born with.

So I don't know when it happened, but suddenly it seems like there is only on type of body shape that is seen as acceptable for a female of a certain age - and everyone else is just supposed to have it.

As mature adults, it is possible that after a few social media stalks you will be able to tell yourself to pull yourself together, get a grip, and carry on living your life as the banging size 4/10/16/24 you are. But let's rewind again. A few years this time, and you are that impressionable teenager dying to impress everyone and be the sassiest girl in your year. Imagine if during those troublesome times you had Instagram celebrities to compete with, and Kim Kardashian reminding you that it's high time you toned up (or at least got some bum pads honey)..

I don't know about you, but that pressure combined with: GCSE's, trying to get out of PE with the same 'time of the month' note that you had used all year, and ensuring you had the perfect outfit for THE house party of term would probably tip me over the edge.

I personally find it sad, that in 2014, there is still only one type of body shape that is seen as desirable. Or at least the only one type of body shape that makes headlines over and over, which honestly is so disheartening to see/hear/read about. Sure it is different to what is used to be - for instance now 'skinny shaming' is a thing, but throwback to the time where everyone was surprised to see Sophie Dahl on the runway?! As mentioned I often find myself comparing myself to these celebrities, so imagine how much of an effect these mainstream media ideas of body images are affecting the millions of young teenage girls absorbing that content right now.

I wish, more than anything, that there was no pre conceived ideas of how you need to look if you want to be able to 'carry off' that item of clothing, or dance in a certain way. And I really hope that young girls are able to look at images of celebrities with the same Photoshop cynicism that us 'oldies' can.

Or if nothing else; for everyone to remember at all times that they look hot whether they are 4ft or 6ft, have a killer runway figure or have a booty to give Iggy a run for her money, and to go ahead and pass these positive vibes around the internet.

So please, go kill 'em girls *finger snaps*

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