Keeping Busy Until LFW

Yes Christmas is around the corner - and yes I need to plan a NYE outfit.. but in all honesty I am more excited for LFW next season! Not only as it is the ideal place to people watch AND scope out the most beautiful clothes and trends....

But also because it has become a little tradition with my girlfriends, and as we all have totally different schedules it's reassuring to know we will be reuniting at Somerset House at least twice a year!
However, we still need to get through January first. So I thought I would share a few things that might just keep your fashion brains satisfied until then.
Running until the end of April 2015, this is perfect for a post Christmas / pre LFW day out. The exhibition looks at how some of the World's most influential women have used fashion to enhance and cement their careers.

Although you can't just 'get' tickets for these January shows, you can keep up with all of the looks that go down the catwalk on pretty much every social media channel (BFC's Pinterest page is especially useful). Menswear often gets very overlooked during LFW so it's a great chance to see what is likely to be popular for the coming season, and you will obviously be heralded a saviour as you pass on your new found expertise in male clothing trends to your boyfriend/dad/best friend etc.

Hosted by the V&A but only running until January 4th 2015 - you will need to be quick if you want to catch this exhibition. Horst is seen as one of the most distinguished fashion photographers of the 20th century, and at this exhibition you will be able to take a look at his work throughout his career. From his time spent at Vogue, to his travels through the Middle East.. I'm hoping I will be able to squeeze a trip in to see this before it closes!

This event will bring you back to Somerset House; a showcase of the unseen life of materials from the fashion world - before they are placed in front of us on runway models and highstreet mannequins. Such a unique and thought provoking idea for an exhibition, and open until July 2015.

The Fashion and Textile Museum plays home to this season appropriate exhibition. Showcasing knitwear throughout the 20th century and the cultural movements that have influenced it. Alongside famous names and their collections, you will find new technologies and design innovations.

So there you have it, five fashion displays that will keep you busy until the start of LFW in February. Events that should satisfy those with a curious mind and a love for fashion. Let me know if there are any other related exhibitions you would recommend.

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