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As you may or may not know - I recently graduated from an Events Management degree. The first
two years of which I plodded along, kind of enjoying my modules, attending (almost) all lectures, learning about crowd management management/accounting and finance/digital marketing with somewhat fading interest and just about getting the marks expected of me. In other words - I scraped by.

Then I took a placement year, and came back into my fourth and final year determined to do better - to pay proper attention ALL of the time, and to get the most out of what was left of my £20,000 educational investment (read: insane student debt). Thankfully I did, and it worked. I pushed myself not only in university but also outside of it - meeting experts and professionals at events that would later help me to focus on what I wanted to do after graduating.

And now, almost a year after completing our last ever exams.. myself and fellow Eventice 2014 finalist Caitlin Kobrak of EventManagementStudent want to help embolden current Event Management undergraduates in the same way that we were in our final years. But in a much less daunting and pressurised environment than say the Eventice (or heading to a professional industry networking event as a lone student).

That is why we have created The Student Sessions. An event aimed at, run by, and focussed on Event Management students. The programme has been specifically designed with current students in mind to enable you to get the best possible start to your career. Although Caitlin and I would be the first to stand up for event courses and all of their merits - there is no denying that university often doesn't focus on the fact that networking will get you far in this industry. Sadly rocking up with your first class degree does not automatically entitle you to an amazing job at Glastonbury/Fifa World Cup/Fashion Week/insert other popular mega event here. You need to have experience, and to get good and relevant experience.. it helps to know the right people. And you know how you find those right people? NETWORKING.

And FYI.. networking is honestly just professional(ish) jargon for chatting with likeminded people.. and sometimes benefiting from doing so. It is nowhere near as scary or intimidating as you might think.

The Student Sessions will be a chance for you to meet with other students from different universities who are passionate about the Events Industry and want to get a head start on their career. It will also allow you to meet with professionals from the industry who are always interested in speaking with the future generation of #EventProfs.

Therefore, Caitlin and I extend our invitation to all students of event related degrees to attend The Student Sessions. The day will run from 10am - 3pm on 19th February at International Confex. The agenda will encompass a Networking 101, a panel in which we discuss where exactly your event career could take you, and a networking session involving some of the most influential people in the Events Industry today.

Although my student self would have probably reacted to this event with a dramatic eye roll and sigh as I looked at my coursework deadlines thinking 'GIRL if you think I have time for this...' - my graduate self can promise you, as someone who once forced myself to attend this kind of thing: IT WILL BE WORTH IT. And honestly, what do you have to lose?

It is free to attend, but spaces are expected to fill up quickly - and you can find more information on the Confex website here. So if you are interested in attending or have any questions then please find Caitlin and I on social media and/or let us know by using #TSS. We will then be in contact with further details. I look forward to seeing you there!

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