Happy International Women's Day!

I know there will be an overload of posts floating around on what today represents and why you should or should not support it. So, whether you are 18 or 48, an intern or running your own business.. I just thought I would share the following to inspire you to be even more of a lady boss this Sunday (and forever moving forward of course).

Lauren responding to the question: 'What is your favourite position?' 
*this is one of the reasons why LC is an absolute queen fyi*

Michelle with her perfect amount of sass.

When Jenn Ann was all 'honey, no!' to the mani cam.

But Elisabeth Moss took one for the team:

Tina Fey being Tina Fey (aka awesome).

When Disney forgot to add in Megara's finger snaps but they were so implied.

That time Nicki had had enough.

And Christina was feeling her:
33 Feminist GIFs You Need In Your Life

But Bey had their back with the perfect response for those situations.

Okay now back to business, I mean we do have a world to be running after all..

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