10 Things You Learn in Your Early Twenties

d make such unique and colourful decor for a wedding. The sparkly tassels make my heart sing! 

1. Shit happens. And there is literally nothing you can do about it. I guess we have to accept that it's not about what happens so much, but more about how we deal with the situations that we are faced with. Which kind of links to..

2. You have to keep an open mind about everything at all times. There are always opportunities to learn, to explore or to make the most of a situation. We have to be ready to accept challenges and take life as it comes. Over thinking never did anyone any good.

3. Face wipes do not count as cleansing your face. Sadly you come to the realisation that all they do is push the make up around your face and that you are going to have to put a lot more effort in before bed. Your early twenties are also the years you may have moved out and are tempted to buy white bedding after discovering Zara Home.. so it will be even more important to ditch those trusty wipes.

4. You are actually growing older. You notice you don't recover from hangovers as quickly and you might see the odd *gasp* line appearing on your face. You might also begin to realise that the old tricks you used to use in your teenage years to feel great in your weekend outfit don't work anymore. You know the stupid 'tricks' I mean - no carbs from Wednesday to Friday to work it in your Miss Selfridge bodycon on Saturday. Yes, your metabolism has betrayed you. Though lets be honest, bodycons are so not the way forward on nights out.. if you want peak dance-a-bility from your outfit you are going to have to go with a looser option.

5. Grown up life is not exactly as SJP et al painted it out to be. It's too expensive to eat brunch out all the time, your friends schedules will not magically fit with yours every weekend, and it's honestly not okay to buy a pair of shoes if it means you can't afford rent that month. We don't all have a Mr Big that is rich millions to bail us out okay Carrie?!


6. It is okay to spend a little more on some things that you would have in your teenage years. For example hair cuts, skin care or even getting a facial every now and again. Again we are getting older, and we won't look this youthful forever, so (within our own budgets of course) we have to love ourselves a little bit more and invest in ourselves to get the best return. There is an ad on the underground at the moment which reads something along the lines of: 'look after your body as if it belongs to someone you love'... a good statement to keep in mind when feeling guilty about spending money on self maintenance.

7. It's also okay to be selfish. In life, love, or friendships. You need to be happy, and if something is making you miserable you have to remove yourself from that situation no matter how difficult it may seem. There comes a time where we can't base our choices on whether other people would approve, or worry if our decision will displease somebody else. You gotta look out for yourself.

8. You do *not* need a treasure trove of clothes and shoes. Sure it would be nice, but not necessary. Trust me. As someone who loves shopping it has taken me a while to get my head around this... but Gok Wan really is on to something with this capsule wardrobe thing. If you have classic staple pieces in your wardrobe that are versatile they will see you through the different seasons and trends. Of course there are some trends which will not stand the test of time and so for those items I think they can afford to be a little cheaper and throwaway. But with your classic white shirts, your loafers or your black coat maybe splurge a little. The investment now will last you a lifetime if you look after the pieces properly.

9. Your intuition is almost always right. No real need to elaborate here. You know the gut feeling you get when you are faced with certain situations.. just trust yourself and listen to it. 9 times of out 10 your first impression is the right one. Have more faith in your own judgements.

10. We have to make an effort to look after ourselves. Running for the overground every other day does not really count as excercise. And snacking on yoghurt covered banana chips is not eating healthily. We can't complain that our skin is bad or that we don't look like our ideal selves if we don't put the work in. Take your vitamins and go for a jog every now and again.


  1. "Yes, your metabolism has betrayed you." Haha, this is so true. These things really hit home - I've been slowly learning them via trial and error, and agree with every single one of them. Great list :) x

    | euhnella |

    1. Haha, glad it's not just me! Thank you for reading :) x