Career Advice from the 'Job Hopper'..

My first year in the real world has been crazy. And when I look back over it I struggle to recall it all even though I desperately want to. I know my little sponge of a brain has soaked up so many experiences and pieces of new information that even as I write this post I am searching the corners of my memory to try and replay it exactly as it happened.

However, neither you or I have time for a dear diary of my life 2014/15.. so here is quick summary:

- May 2014: leave university
- July 2014: start working at events agency
- October 2014: leave events agency
- November 2014: start working at events venue
- February 2015: leave events venue
- March 2015: start working at events society

You are probably now grimacing at your screen, as in black and white I admit it does not make for pretty reading. And if we happen to be connected on LinkedIn you have possibly tried to remove me from your 'congratulate X on their new job!' notification list. In fact it would seem that I have become the much hated job hopper, the frowned upon non-committer, or the 'classic graduate who doesn't know what they want'-er.

Before May 2014, I had a grand total of two real jobs on my CV representing 6 years of work. TWO. One was a part time job I had held from the ages of 16 - 21, and the other various work at my university. And now I have three to my name in the space of 10 months. To the outsider it would appear that something must have happened in my final year that apparently turned me from loyal employee to complete job hussy.

And if I am honest I think perhaps it did. Not 'something'.. but just a gradual realisation that to get to where you want to be in life, you have to help yourself to get there. And if ever an opportunity presents itself to you on your way - you should take it with both hands.

But most importantly, I understood that everything happens for a reason. That you should trust yourself to make the right decisions, to be okay with situations that didn't turn out the way that you had hoped.. and to understand that they didn't work out because something else is on it's way.

Including your career.

Now in the job market, I know this approach may be too emotionally led to be taken seriously by some people. But as a young person starting out in the industry, I cannot recommend this school of thought more. Only a small percentage of us young professionals will become internet famous, or win the lottery (or be spontaneously adopted into the Kardashian family) and so will have to work for the majority of our lives to live comfortably. And based on that, it's fair to say that we have oh so many more years of working hard ahead of us.. and that this really is just the beginning.

So if we have all this time to settle in to a job, to make waves, to become an inspiration to our peers etc.. why shouldn't we be able to move jobs if we are unhappy? Why should we feel scared about leaving jobs before the minimum 'it will look bad on your CV if you aren't there for at least 18 months' suggested time schedule.

Why shouldn't we be able to make rational career decisions, just because we are young and new to the job market?

PLEASE understand I am not suggesting that you all up sticks and quit your jobs, nor am I condoning the changing of careers every three seconds. I am simply saying that if you need to move jobs before you had planned, it is honestly okay. It is not the end of the world *trust me*. And if you are worried that you might raise a few eyebrows in the process - as long as you truly believe you are doing it for the right reasons (career wise and more importantly for your own personal happiness), you should have faith in your decision and not let any outside judgey-ness deter you from moving forward.

Hopefully most people reading this that have just started out in their industries have found a job they love! But if you haven't and have changed jobs a few times, or are thinking about it at the moment - I just wanted you to know that you aren't the only one.. even though from experience I know that most people around you can make you feel otherwise. You and you alone know what's right for you, and it's not your responsibility to convince everyone else that you are doing the right thing. Just keep your head up, your game face on, and your werk game strong (yes I'm a poet now).

And that's it I guess. Not actually career advice as the sarcastic title suggests, but I hope this post helps to reassure at least one person who is going through a similar situation, as I know it can be kinda daunting. So until next time my lovelies I'm sending lots of luck and positive vibes to all my fellow 'job hoppers' out there..

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