In all honesty I did not fully believe that this statement was true until a little over a month ago. Before then I was too LAZY to open my eyes beyond the lucky situation I had been in - where everyone around me was open minded. I was too naive to look deeper into the hole that the media are feverishly trying to paper over. But now I know, we all do.

I saw this video a while back now and it has stuck with me ever since. Having sat back and watched social media lose it's mind over the shootings, and Rachel Dolezal, and the pool party, and the media coverage - or it's very LAZY and predictable portrayal of each and every story - it seemed poignant for me to share this now.

To remind us that racism will live as long as we base our opinions on race. Just as sexism will live as long as we base our opinions on gender, or homophobia as long as we refer to sexual preference. How do we get rid of racism? We stop calling each other white, brown or black.

It is LAZY to describe someone by their skin tone (or more accurately the colour we think most closely matches their skin tone) but, sadly, it has become second nature for us to refer to skin colour without batting an eyelid. It is LAZY that some base their ill formed first judgement of a person on the stereotypes we have been conditioned to believe as true for all 'skin types' - but, sadly, the mainstream media which we are forced to consume everyday does nothing to counteract this. Though then again, it can also be classed as LAZY when some don't look a little further to educate themselves.

It is LAZY that some people still utter those damned words which make me physically cringe every time I read or overhear them.. 'why do we even let them in this country to take all of our jobs?!'. You mean why do we let humans like us, albeit from a different country, live and work in our corner of the world to set up a home and potentially live a higher quality of life? Why do we let them 'take' the jobs that many people deem beneath them, or that some on benefits are too LAZY to do?

It is LAZY that the media are programmed to report certain crimes in certain ways. Dependent on the offender or offended - one crime could be relayed in a multitude of ways: a terrorist attack, a hate crime, a byproduct of the 'war on terror', or the tragic case of someone who was mentally ill.

But most of all, I find it LAZY that the educational system worldwide does not teach us as children tolerance and acceptance as part of the curriculum. Teach us to share, teach us about the different types of people that inhabit the same earth, and teach us to understand that not everyone views the world the same - but we all have to live here side by side. Most of us will realise these things on our own, but others are not so lucky. No body is born racist, homophobic or sexist, they are vile behaviours that are learned and stem largely from a lack of understanding.

Let's stop this now. How many more lives have to be torn apart because we are too LAZY to acknowledge the issue?

The sooner we accept that we have a problem, the sooner we can fix it.


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