10 things you know to be true if you work in the Events Industry

1. People think your job is always amazingly glam, but you just can't get them to understand the difference between being AT an event, and going to an event as a guest.
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2. You are not sure how it happened - but you are always in work mode. Even if you stumble across a local event at the weekend your brain goes into 'here's how I would have done it' overload.
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3. You're most visited sites may include BizBash, Seat Genie, TFL and Event Magazine. How will my guests get here? Could I use this tech at my event? Who has just activated what now?
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4. Your on site wardrobe becomes a sea of black. While this may fit with some people's fashion sense perfectly, it is mainly due to the need to blend in to the backdrop of every event worked. Front of house at an event? Black dress, tights and shoes. Working production? Black polo, trousers and trainers please.

5. Trying to get something noticed on #EventProfs is extremely difficult, so there's the struggle of having to come up with a short-but-unique event hashtag to ensure ALL of the social media reach.
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6. No matter how much sleep you have lost, how many times you wanted to strangle the client, or how many damn times you had to explain the brief to creative. Nothing, NOTHING beats a satisfied guest and their event feedback which states how pleased they are.
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7. At some point, you will have had that moment where you put the phone after a stressful conversation, rant for a second or two and then have a mild heart attack when you think you actually didn't hang up.
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8. Pret, train station/airport outlets, Starbucks etc form one of the key food groups in your diet.
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9. The Eventopedia weekly list of the top 100 event professionals on Twitter never used to mean too much to you, but somehow it has gotten under your skin and you have become extremely determined to break into the top 5.
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10. Even if you work in an office the 9-5 doesn't really apply to you, and while other people are shocked to learn this you honestly don't mind. You work in the most fabulous industry of them all.
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