Year One - A Reflection

Disclaimer: I tried my hardest for this not to come across as a braggy post and I hope it doesn't. If it does in anyway that wasn't the intention!

It's almost coming up to a year since I started my current job and honestly it has been the biggest whirlwind. I also made the move from Watford to Shoreditch in September and for the past six months I have been adjusting to London life and experiencing as much of the Events Industry as I can.
I have been a little quiet on this blog but I have been enjoying the city, writing for my work blog and soaking up as much career enhancing information as my brain can manage. When people ask me about my job they are always intrigued by how much 'cool' stuff I get to see and do. And working in events.. you could say it's one of the perks of the job. 

Since my last post I have:
- appeared as a panelist at industry events
- worked and been on site at some amazing events including one with One Direction (their fans are legit crazy though)
- been fortunate to have been given a lot of responsibility within my role
- worked with a global team of amazing people who have each done incredible work. Each time we have a conversation about their previous events or experience I feel like I should be taking notes.. 

But I have also: 
- worried too much about my age how that might affect how others view me professionally (which then had an impact on my work flow and my confidence in just getting shit done)
- worked hours which might seem crazy to those outside the industry.. and so consequently developed a work/life unbalance. I can't lie with a hatred for coffee it's sometimes a struggle people
- made so many mistakes while finding my feet

I could go on with the pros and cons but I guess what I'm saying is that though I am loving my job - despite appearances it's really not all parties and black tie.

This blog was a place to share my thoughts and experiences as I continue my journey in the events industry - and now as I reflect on my first year in my first long term events job, I want this post to be a reminder that though the industry is honestly a fantastic place, it's also real hard work. The people I see behind the scenes doing their thing and making guest experiences so magical - sometimes haven't had sleep for days, working on site surviving on caffeine and adrenaline. 

Maybe an insight for those who don't work in events or hospitality. 

Maybe a thumbs up to my fellow graduates who know exactly what I'm saying. 

And maybe a heads up to the students or newbies about to enter this industry.. until now it's likely been glamorous pictures of Glastonbury or the Olympics *cue eye rolls*. But trust that it is so much bigger than that - and also sooo less than glam at times. The events industry is worth around 40 billion in the UK. FORTY BILLION THOUGH PEOPLE. Our pretty parties bring in money from bed nights, food and beverage, tourists, travel, brands etc. And you better believe we will work damn hard to bring that in.

I am so excited to continue working this year and see where it takes me on my event journey, who I'll meet and what I'll learn. 2016 - let's do this.

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