#DiscoverDubai16 Part 2

After the excitement of day one we were looking forward to what day two would bring for us, and we were up bright and early to travel to the Emirates Aviation Training Centre – the hub for Emirates staff worldwide. All employees train there to learn about the Emirates fleet and each and every task they might be required to undertake. We were given a show round of everything from the pool that crew practice ‘ditching’ the plane in to, to uniform fittings, to the duty free lounge. Personally I have wanted to be an air hostess for as long as I can remember, and I’m talking specifically Virgin or Emirates – none of this EasyJet Orange (no offence). So for me it was amazing - however as a group we were taken there as Emirates own a lot of property in Dubai, and Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum owns Emirates – so the welcome to the centre was an extension of the city's hospitality.
Following this we moved on the Dubai World Trade Centre which is based in down town Dubai. Quite frankly it is a GIANT convention centre with spaces to accommodate anything and everything your events heart can possibly desire. We were shown round by one of the representatives from the venue and learnt that their spaces are very flexible; they have hosted everything from weddings, product launches, horse shows, conferences, trade shows to intimate break-outs. Not only is there endless flexibility under one roof, there are also hotels and apartments on site which means that organisers and delegates waste no time travelling to and from the venue.
Once we had completed our show round (which wasn’t even of the whole space, and felt like we had partaken in a power walk) we visited one of the smaller spaces which are often used as break-outs for conferences. However, it was by no means small as they had set out lunch for 60 of us and we were seated at rounds… you might have guessed by now that Dubai doesn’t do event spaces by half. If you’re going to build a conference centre you might as well do it properly right?
Lunch was delicious and gave us a taster of the in house catering they offer, not only was it healthy and not exclusively carbs (very important while on site as either guest or crew – no one needs that post lunch sleepy feeling) but there was great variety and as always the hospitality was flawless.

Following this there was a few hours free time where we were able to catch up on emails and work as our final day would be jam packed too. We also used this time to check into the hotel we would be staying in for the final two nights – The Crowne Plaza Festival City. This hotel was four star and shared the same outside area as its sister property in which we had initially stayed (The Intercontinental). Although we had been told we were essentially downgrading a star, it was pretty damn difficult to tell the difference! Sure the style of the rooms were slightly different – but there was no less space or amenities in the room, and there was no change in the attitude of the staff either. They were just as helpful, pleasant and keen to not let you walk anywhere carrying anything remotely heavy. 
View over the creek from the hotel - picture belongs to Crowne Plaza Festival City
Example: they asked if it was okay to upgrade me but were sorry to announce it would be two twin beds instead of one double. Sorry!? The room had a panoramic view of the creek, which could also be seen from the bathroom – and seeing as I was there on my own I’m not sure who would have complained about twin beds?! FYI having two beds does come in useful ladies... one essentially becomes the home for clothes you hastily try on then change your mind about three times #hotelhack

That night the group dined outside at Asado, a steakhouse at The Palace Downtown Dubai, overlooking the famous fountain show that takes place every 30 minutes and the Burj Khalifa as it comes alive with a light show. The property was stunning and the location could not be more ideal for entertaining guests in the evening. The food was served family style down the table and although not technically 'fine dining' - it was a five star experience. Casual but all prepared to an amazing quality, and if you wanted to carry on the party after dinner, there are plenty of other bars around the area too.

Part three to follow...
It was way too wordy for one post!

If you haven't been to Dubai before and are considering it as a destination I could not recommend it more. And if you are thinking of visiting or hosting an event there I would highly suggest talking to the Visit Dubai team who have a wealth of information they can share with you. Please note for in depth event info I will also be writing blog posts for ISES UK that will provide a more 'professional' account of the trip including room rates and recommended venues etc.

*Pictures of our trip belong to Visit Dubai unless otherwise stated.

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